Best Villas in Fujran Offer Luxury Living Between the Dubai Charms

Best Villas in Fujran Offer Luxury Living Between the Dubai Charms

Best Villas in Fujran Offer Luxury Living Between the Dubai Charms

Best Villas in Fujran

When you search for the best place for villas in Dubai, there is no better option other than Al Fujran. It has a vast, splendid strap of the beautiful landscape of the city with serenity.  Al Fujran villas is the area of Dubai that primarily offers apartments and villas. However, Villas is the housing proportion that makes up a limited percentage in Fujran. Trusticon has extended its interest in projecting more villas keeping in view the big demand for villas in Al Fujran. Some of our villas are currently under construction and close to completion. Independent developers build the villas in our list in Dubai. We pay uncompromising attention to the residential buildings to give the best of our productions. We are still offering constructed villas in the city.

Mostly we receive clients who are looking for rental villas. Among them there are mostly families, so we also provide great promotional offers for the villa tenants. If you are looking for a stunningly serene place for your family and children to enjoy—Al-Fujran is the best place for you. You don’t want to confront the hassle currently rendered by construction in Al Furjan. Those residents who come to us rather prefer to live in the area, which is a more expanding area in Dubai.

Al Fujran Villas Features

Trusticon is currently offering the following villas in Al-Fujran with the following characteristics.

Bedrooms: 5

Construction Style: Modern and Quortaj Style

Situation: Vacant on Transfer

Condition: New and Transfer

Size: 6458 Sq. Ft.

4Size: 561 Sq. Ft. BUA

Back to Back Villa

Garage: Double Garage/Single

Real Estate Agent: Trusicon Properities


The villas in Al Furjan are ideally located near the community center and shopping mall of the area. The villas have five large double bedrooms. Four bedrooms being upstairs and one downstairs. Throughout, the villas offer unique characteristics that will remain with a good outlook along with a stunning view.

Advance booking and requests for occupation are available on these villas through Trusticon Rental Services. For further details or to arrange a complete viewing you can place your appointment with us. Please contact us on phone numbers or website form. If you further want to view our property sectors, an alternatively visit website is on the fly where you could find an extensive choice of properties in the UAE.

Please call Trusticon or message us on WhatsApp phone number for more detailed information or to arrange a viewing of the villas in Fujran.

Idealness of the Location:

Al Furjan Villas are located close to the Discovery Gardens. The Discovery Gardens, the Jumeirah Park, Green Community, and Jebel Ali Village are also around the villas. Residents of the Al Fujran can also access their residence in AL Furjan easily from Sheikh Zayed Road. Its location significance is also noticeable thanks to being closest to Ibn Battuta metro station and the Energy metro station. Both of the metro stations are a few minutes’ Drive away from the Al-Fujran Villas.

Discovery Gardens: 10 minutes’ Drive

Jumeirah Park 12 minutes’ Drive

Dubai Marina 15 minutes’ Drive

Palm Jumeirah 20 minutes’ Drive

Downtown Dubai | Burj Khalifa | Dubai Mall Just 27 minutes’ Drive

Dubai International Airport 30 minutes’ Drive

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