UAE Real Estate Business Race in 2021

UAE Real Estate Business Race in 2021

UAE Real Estate Business Race in 2021

UAE Real estate business is a hustling nest to more than 100 nationalities. It is the home of business tycoons, property giants, and embellished shopping malls and brands. The diversified country has changed into an ever-growing real estate market thanks to its grooming property sectors. Whether, be it tourism or shopping mania, everything ultimately fits into the vault of real estate business in the UAE. Trusticon is the name of trust in the ground of property and real estate. Because of its uniqueness, UAE is the 10th best location for ex-pats and tourists. It also stands out to be the sixth-best in salaries and the fourth-best for economics in terms of business activities. During the first five months of 2021, the Dubai Land Department has revealed that there had been more than 27 642 real estate transactions with an average billing race to AED 111 billion.

Additionally, UAE, especially Dubai, holds the second-highest number of global shopping brands. Investor-friendly policies of the UAE Govt. has been attracting 38 new international brands just ahead of Shanghai and London. The ratio is quite encouraging, with a growth rate of 55.3% and 51.7%, respectively. The UAE continues to retain its status as the ideal destination for foreign investors in the real estate sectors and encourages foreign investors’ investment opportunities. Trusticon Real Estate brings you here some good reasons to shift your investment towards UAE real estate the property sector of the populous city (Dubai) of the UAE.

Growing Rental UAE Real Estate Overturns From Mall Spaces

Whereas the properties rates in the UAE are quite competitive, the real estate assets offer the best long-term ROI (Return on Investment) and a huge variety of opportunities. While the in the list of other countries are rated as the great competition for buying an investment property, somehow, GO Banking Rates has stated in its analytical report that UAE is the second-best country to invest in real estate sectors such as shopping malls and brand stores for better rental property returns. The list was of the 25 countries surveyed; the surveyed countries are Costa Rica and Panama. One of the thrilling emirates of the UAE– Dubai, has a 5.19% rental yield, in asset security of 5% ineffective rental return. The income tax is relatively meager, as low as $3,070 is 5% in monthly rent. However, it can go up to as larger as 8% on average in several areas of the UAE. The income tax is still lower as compared to other world countries depending on the kind of community and property location. UAE is also emphasizing to be considering it as a tax-free country because of the low-income tax. So it’s a better option to invest in the property sector as an investment among other top megacities in the world. Residential communities in Dubai Sports City, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai Marina, Sheikh Zayed Road, International City, and Jumeirah Village Triangle are the top-notch property heavens that offer the best rental returns to foreign investors. Trusticon is helping many international and local investors to invest in the property line of the UAE that gives great potential to your property in the UAE.

Affordable Residential Projects

Due to its qualities such as peace of mind, security, and no conflicting issues of the country with any other country, the UAE has become the first priority of the international community to reside here. This Gulf country is known for its utmost luxury housing projects and stylish apartments. Nevertheless, despite having all of the fantastic aspects, it also caters to your budget. UAE real estate business is also best for the conscious millennials and those looking for homes that meet their financial status. Before the regulations, foreigners were compelled to live in a rental apartment. Tenancy renders them face a scenario that is at least 40%of which the resident’s income goes to rental money.

So now the UAE is offering an opportunity to buy your own house in any emirate. On the other hand, tenancy factors such as the rental money and contractual residency are earning levels that make these factors investment-oriented when seeking affordable housing in the UAE. Trusticon is offering a great range of housing projects for investment. It is a long-term profit yielding thing for the investors. Along with it keeps giving you rental plus increasing your property worth. We can give you plenty of options where your investment will remain secure and grossing.

Potential Housing Areas in UAE

We collaborate with the Dubai Sports City, Marina Mall, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Palm Jumeirah Village Circle, and International Bay City are good opportunities for buying housing or apartment because the prices are below AED 750,000. For example, Trusticon offers a studio unit in JVC that costs almost AED 450,000, while for one-bedroom unit takes around AED 720,000. Comparing these costs, you will find the UAE.

Real Estate Business Costs of the Housing

UAE real estate business has diversity in the costs of housing and flats. Residential settlements with prime locations contain substantially high but still affordable housing costs. Due to our strategic approach, we have also carved out some unbelievable opportunities for middle-income families. It means Trusticon Real Estate is not only for high-grossing investors but also for intermediate families. For example, the average prices of the studio can range from AED 30,000 to AED 50,000. Similarly, for a one-bedroom, it’s between AED 40,000 to AED 70,000. We also urge you to take into consideration that the UAE ranks among the top 10 countries with the highest salaries of the professional, an average salary is over AED 151,932 annually. In such as case, housing can give extra leverage because of those professionals to buy their own house or apartment. We have also dealt with some investors that earn a rental return from their property in Dubai. Trusticon can make your dream come true to have an affordable apartment or house to make your lives easy with your family.

Trusticon welcomes both entrepreneurs and families to buying property in the Manazil Real Estate UAE. It is an honor to us to offer our clients the real estate opportunities that yielded them a massive profit for years, and upon resale, the properties remained profitable.

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